Admission Pro & Funding Pro

EduPro administrators are specialized at matching students' interest and jobs that will be in high demand. Most students need the initial consultation to find out their interest and specialized plan in order to highlight their individuality and focus on their most appealing qualities.

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Transfer Pro

Our students' dreams do not end after college admission.

With detailed information and a clear plan, students can be admitted to their dream college. Students can also change their majors after getting into college and even transfer to a different college to complete their plans.

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As a student starts seeking his or her own study principle, the GPA improves naturally. The study skills and executive skills of each student should be accurately analyzed and supported. 

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Edu Tec (TBD)

Edupro offers an online program so students can study whenever and wherever. We are in the process of developing real-time online programs. Some of these online programs target GPA management, and ACT/SAT online tutoring.

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Special Care pro

EduPro provides advocacy and assistance for students with special needs who require additional efforts to reach their academic dreams.

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Vision Pro & Edu Tou

EduPro offers correct career information to students. The majority of students worry about which vocation to pursue starting at a young age. EduPro provides the career test and professional consultation to find and match the best career options for our students.

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Why EduPro?


What is the goal of the parents?

Through many parent conferences, we see that parents want their students to be successful in society by obtaining an economically stable career in the future.

Before students enter the university, it is our highest objective to help students find their career goals according to their aptitudes.

EduPro's Total Education Program provides education to lower grades for early aptitude discovery.

EduPro's final goal is to find fitting career goals for student's aptitude, focusing on the student's best opportunity for success.


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